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Self Evident: Asian America's Stories

May 26, 2021

The phrase “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” is buzz-word-ier than ever, but what does it really take to empower workers and reduce racialized harm in the places where we spend so many of our waking hours? And when is it OK to simply stop trying?

In this second episode of a three-part series, guest host Alex Sujong...

May 19, 2021

The impact of storytelling is often portrayed as a story changing the life of the person consuming it — and changing the world by reaching as many people as possible. But what about the person who offers their story to be consumed? How else can we define the value of our life’s stories, and the importance of how...

May 12, 2021

We often take for granted that “seeing people who look like us” — especially in mass media — means progress towards racial justice. But what forms of representation do we see making an impact? And who is that impact for?

In this first episode of a three-part series, Senior Producer Julia Shu invites Eliza...