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Self Evident: Asian America's Stories

Sep 9, 2021

During the current refugee crisis in Afghanistan, we’ve seen Asian Americans working to resettle Afghan refugees and help them build new lives. Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Hmong Americans in particular have been reminded of their own refugee stories — not just the stories of leaving their homes, but stories of the challenges they’ve faced in rebuilding their lives.

So we’re presenting a story from Re:Work, a women-led radio show and podcast from the UCLA Labor Center that spotlights the voices of workers, immigrants and people of color.

In this episode, Re:Work looks at how the American criminal justice system continues to marginalize youth from communities of color through the story of Phal Sok, a Cambodian refugee. His story shows how too often, low-income refugee youths are seen not as needing protection, but as the ones Americans need protection against.

Check out Re:Work wherever you listen to podcasts!