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Self Evident: Asian America's Stories

Nov 17, 2020

During the 48 hours of uncertainty after November 3, 2020, our producer James called over a dozen people — not to talk about Trump vs. Biden, but about the more systemic problems that would stick with us after all the votes were counted.

These conversations with family and friends led him to reexamine a pivotal moment in his civic education: When he founded a chapter of the Junior State of America in the midst of the 2000 Presidential race, and learned that the act of democracy was a lot tougher than it seemed.

After speaking with Cris Aguila and Karl Kristian Flores (two of our youngest voting-age listeners) about their frustrations with our we vote for President, James dug up the phone number of the high school student who leads the same Junior State chapter that he had started a generation ago… and ended this week of cynicism with a surprising moment of hope.

Reading and Listening

Resources for Action


  • Produced by James Boo
  • Edited by Julia Shu
  • Sound mix by Timothy Lou Ly
  • Music by Blue Dot Sessions and Epidemic Sound
  • Self Evident theme music by Dorian Love


Thanks to everyone who hopped on the phone during the 48 hours after the election, to share their in-the-moment feelings and their experiences with voting:

  • Alex Laughlin
  • Dorian Love
  • Justine Lee
  • Melissa Sebastian
  • Marissiko Wheaton
  • Rachel Ramirez
  • Sidharth Gupta