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Self Evident: Asian America's Stories

Nov 23, 2021

This Fall many public primary schools in the U.S. switched back to in-person learning. But that can mean very different things for students, teachers, and parents — depending on their school system, local political environment, family resources, or language needs.

We started getting word from listeners about their back-to-school experiences in July, and checked in with them as these first few months of the school year unfolded. Cathy and our team found out how a Chinese American mother of three navigated the anti-mask and anti-CRT activity surrounding school reopenings in Arizona; learned about the hidden harms of this transition from immigrant mental health advocates in New York City; and heard how having an immunocompromised family member affected an Indian American family in Minneapolis.

While these conversations are by no means comprehensive, a recurring theme in these conversations was a sense of loss, which many students haven’t had the space to properly heal from.


  • Produced by Julia Shu and James Boo
  • Edited by Julia Shu
  • Sound mix by Timothy Lou Ly
  • Fact checking by Harsha Nahata
  • Music by Blue Dot Sessions and Epidemic Sound
  • Self Evident theme music by Dorian Love
  • Our Executive Producer is Ken Ikeda

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